Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation

A Primer on Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation is basically any kind of civil dispute that is about money, or something that is worth money.  The most common kind of commercial litigation is when two parties make an agreement or contract, and then one party goes back on their word.  More often than not, this occurs in a business context, thus the “commercial” part of the description.

I can get to the bottom of a broken contract for you, help you understand who committed to do what, and can help you to evaluate your next steps if the deal you thought you had goes in an unexpected direction.  A good lawyer can wield the contract terms in a court of law to make sure that his or her client receives the benefit of what they bargained for – this is what I do for my clients every day.

I started my career representing national banks and financial service entities – if you’ve seen a TV commercial about a bank, odds are that I have represented them at least once in my career.  I’ve also represented doctors, insurers, entities on the secondary and tertiary debt markets, employers, retail dealerships, employees, and businesses of just about every kind.  I understand how those companies work, what their processes are, what things work in their favor, and what things decidedly do not.  I use this knowledge and experience to help my clients push their efforts over the goal line.

Finally – I cut my teeth doing collections law.  There are a number of lawyers who can go to court, argue your case, and secure a judgment on your behalf.  As anyone who has ever been owed money will tell you, a judgment is barely more than another piece of paper that says someone owes you money.  It does not mean that the judgment debtor will pay.  To collect – to really and truly collect money that is owed – your lawyer needs to understand garnishment process, the protocol for Sheriff’s levies, how to conduct/challenge foreclosures, how to deal with the rights of redemption thereafter, and a number of other processes to make a judgment work for you.  These are all subject areas where I have been and can be useful to my clients.

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